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Branding and Marketing Materials For Start-ups

Why Purchase Graphic Design Services For Your Start-up?

Graphic design is a must when it comes to starting a small business. It is key when it comes to spreading the word.  When starting a new business you have to get your name out there in order to attract potential customers and increase brand awareness.

With so many businesses in front of your potential clients on a daily basis, how do you make yours stand out? With professional and attractive graphic design of course! If you’re in the start-up phase, hiring a full-time graphic designer is probably outside your budget.

For this reason you should consider outsourcing and investing in graphic design services.

How Can Outsourced Graphic Design Services Help Your Start-up?

When you purchase graphic design services, you obtain professional marketing materials customized to your target audience, designed specifically to attracting their attention. From a logo to a website, graphic design is essential to branding your business.

According to the American Marketing Association,the definition of branding is a “customer experience, represented by a collection of images and ideas; often, it refers to a symbol such as a name, logo, slogan and design scheme”. Brand recognition is product of the interaction and accumulation of experiences with the product or service, relating it to your specific brand. Click here to read 5 ways branding and graphic design can get you noticed.

As a start-up business, you want to ensure to position yourself in your potential customers minds, ensuring they know about the products and services you are offering and motivating them to choose you over your competitors.

What Types Of Marketing Materials Should You Consider For Your Start-up?

There are many different marketing collateral items you can use to communicate what you have to offer.  However, for the purpose of this blog we have narrowed down our list to 5 essential elements:

  1. Mission Statement: A brief summary that defines what your business is and what its goals are in a professional and visually appealing manner.
  2. Fact Sheet: product or services fact sheets are great for your business both internally and externally as they communicate your products highlights. They can include distinctive features, comparisons, quality levels, costs and functions.
  3. Brochures: typically the first point of contact between you and your potential client, brochures are crucial when it comes to making an impression. Brochures can take several forms including bi-folds, tri-folds and booklets and it’s up to your graphic designer to include crucial information in a visually appealing way.
  4. Press kit: press kits should include company logo, folder, business cards and any other type of component that will communicate the value of what you are offering in a professional and attractive way.
  5. Stationary: quality stationary such as envelopes, business cards and letterheads provide your business credibility and present your business in a professional light.

Branding the marketing materials mentioned above is a must and when it comes to branding – consistency is key. Your graphic designer should ensure that your collateral reflects your brand, using the same logo, color schemes, fonts, layouts and style. .

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