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WBE Certification

Women’s Business Enterprise

A Women’s Business Enterprise certification, or WBE business certification, defines your business as being owned, operated and controlled by a woman. Certification is a valuable marketing tool for your small business and can give you special consideration when bidding on contracts with local government.

When you engage the services of BizCentral, we can walk you through the process of applying for WBE certification and ensure that you understand the benefits of doing so. With certification, you can be awarded small business grants for women and expand the reach of your brand while gaining access to lucrative contracts.

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Our WBE Certification Services Can Save You Time & Money

How BizCentral Can Help

Before applying for WBE business certification, you need to have everything in order. That may require proving that the business is owned or operated by a woman. You may have to supply additional documentation, as well. We have certification consultants who specialize in knowing what you need to successfully submit your application. Our services are available after you receive approval, too.

The Benefits of WBE Certification

If you think you might qualify, then it’s in your best interest to apply for a Women’s Business Enterprise certification. You have nothing to lose, but the potential benefits are too promising to pass up. They include but are not limited to:

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