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GSA Telephone Agenda

  1. Review initial questionnaire and company general information
  2. Verify required registrations (DUNS/SAMS)
  3. Review NAICS codes and identify appropriate GSA Schedule (s) and SIN (s)
  4. Analyze company ‘s preparedness and gather information to complete the mandatory Readiness Assessment
  5. Discuss access and process for the mandatory training “Pathways to Success” in GSA vendor toolbox
  6. Discuss the process for requesting the Past Performance Evaluation (customer references) from Dun & Bradstreet.
  7. Orientation on how to register and purchase “Digital Certificates” for company’s negotiator from IdenTrust.
  8. Orientation on how to use BizCentral’s available tools and resources to facilitate/expedite the process
  9. Recap the Steps required to complete the GSA Schedule solicitation and submit to GSA eOffer