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GSA Service Process

Thank you for ordering our GSA Schedule Services.  Below is a step by step outline of the application process and information needs.  Please view the links and steps now.  This will help you gather the information needed to process your application quickly.  For additional questions please contact your assigned service consultant or customer care at 407-857-9002.

  1. Print Process Steps and Document Checklist
  2. Fill out initial contact information and questionnaire form and return to Customer Care
  3. Apply for DUNS # (if needed)
  4. Gather information to register your business in the System for Award Management (SAM) formerly known as Central Contractor Registration (CCR) including the representations and certifications section (i.e. FAR Report). Determine your business NAICS code(s) and update your SAM profile if any code changed.
  5. Familiarize yourself with the GSA Schedule number (s) for your product or service
  6. Review telephone agenda
  7. Participate in conference call with service consultant
  8. Review company information with consultant for him/her to prepare the Readiness Assessment
  9. Provide pricing proposal for each product/service provided
  10. Fill out Corporate Experience Questionnaire, P &L and balance sheets for previous 2 years  and return to Service Consultant
  11. Service Consultant will download appropriate GSA Schedule and complete based on information provided in questionnaire and gathered during phone interview
  12. Register and purchase “ Digital Certificates” for your company official/negotiator
  13. Complete the mandatory “Pathway to Success Education Seminar” and obtain certificate of completion
  14. Order Customer Reference Report (Past Performance Evaluation) from DUNS & Bradstreet
  15. Review electronic GSA schedule proposal when handled over by consultant and submit to GSA using the digital certificate
  16. A GSA Contracting Officer/Specialist will be assigned and conduct an intense and thorough review (may request additional information and/or clarifications)
  17. Your company official/negotiator will maintain contact with GSA’s assigned Contract Specialist
  18. After negotiations are complete you will prepare and submit a Final Proposal Revision (FPR) that synopsizes your entire proposal and includes finalized pricing as negotiated with GSA
  19. Contractors will receive a Contract Award and GSA Schedule Contract Number approximately a week after submitting the Final Proposal Revision
  20. After awarded you may begin selling from your schedule immediately