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Business Plan Service Process

1. Business Representative confirms order & emails terms

2. Customer Care emails General Questionnaire

3. Customer Care explains the process & scheduling

4. Customers complete Marketing Questionnaire *optional

5. Customers print & review business outline, online resources, worksheets & questions etc.

6. Customers complete Telephone Agenda Questionnaire

7. Conference call with service consultant to discuss questions with regarding questionnaires, tools, web information or any other useful information.

8. Review and discuss any research by the BizCentral team or financials.

9. Service consultant emails missing information courtesy reminders (if applicable)

10. Service consultant emails the service days begin email

11. Service consultant emails the draft with 7 days to make first set of revisions. Feedback or revisions of initial draft must be in print and each round of changes is limited to a single email.

12. Client receives modified draft with 5 days to make second set of revisions (if needed).

13. Courtesy 48-hour review clients should respond via email to approve final copy of proposal prior to shipment.

14. Customer care confirms shipping address and collects balance (if any) prior to shipping.

15. Customer care prints the final copy of Business plan in color and binds it in a “report cover”

16. Client provides feedback regarding our service on web survey.