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Business Grant Business Summary Samples

IT Industry

Web Services Provider’s key markets for DSL are small and medium businesses, nationwide. Web Services Provider’s key markets for Web hosting and resale accounts are Web design firms, individuals, and small businesses with a need for
space on a server. Web Services Provider’s key markets for dedicated servers are small to large companies where security and speed are necessary. Web Services Provider’s key market(s) for collocation include medium and small businesses such as online trading, e-tailers, online information sites, and entertainment Web companies.

Computer telephony integration (CTI) is the convergence of the telephone and computing industries. Currently, the CTI market totals $4 billion and is growing at 30% a year, with many segments growing at a rate of over 100% a year. The Washington-based Multi-Media Telecommunications Association estimates that the CTI market will grow by nearly 70% in the next year, and triple by the year 2000.


Sigmund’s Gourmet Pasta will be the leading gourmet pasta restaurant in Eugene, OR with a rapidly developing consumer brand and growing customer base. The signature line of innovative, premium, pasta dishes include pesto with
smoked salmon, pancetta and peas linguini in an alfredo sauce, and fresh mussels and clams in a marinara sauce. Sigmund’s Gourmet Pasta also serves distinctive salads, desserts, and beverages.

Sigmund’s Gourmet Pasta will reinvent the pasta experience for individuals, families, and take-away customers with discretionary income by selling high quality, innovative products at a reasonable price, designing tasteful, convenient
locations, and providing industry benchmark customer service.

In order to grow at a rate consistent with our objectives, Sigmund’s is offering an additional $500,000 in equity. Existing members will be given the first right to subscribe to the additional equity to allow each of them to maintain their percentage of ownership. The portion not subscribed by existing members will be available for prospective new investors.

Retail Store

Classique Gifts Etc. is a start-up retail store offering fine gifts, collectible dolls and doll accessories. The store will be located in Lexington, Kentucky, catering to the middle- and upper-class consumers who look beyond the congested retail malls for the special shopping experience. In addition to offering a wide array of unique, quality products, the consumer will enjoy friendly and knowledgeable customer service and a convenient, un-congested location. This business plan is prepared to obtain financing in the amount of $50,000 to purchase inventory and to help cover expenses in the first year of operations. We are also asking for a credit line of $10,000 to be used as necessary in low cash flow periods. Brenda and Charles Gajdik will own and operate the store together as a team. They will provide $40,000 in cash as an equity investment to be used in start-up costs, equipment purchases, and operating capital. The sales forecasts used in this plan are very conservative compared to a similar business now operating in Lexington. Brenda has observed the strengths and weaknesses of this store and is convinced it can be done better.