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501c3 Service Process

Service includes a review of corporate documentation, such as bylaws, articles of incorporation, & financial statements.

If the client does not have them or they are incorrect, we may prepare or amend these for an additional fee.

A conference call will be scheduled with a 501 representative to discuss the organization’s mission and activities.

We complete the Form 1023, including required narratives necessary for the IRS to issue a 501c3 determination.

The completed application will be sent to client for signatures and attachment of the IRS application fee.

Client submits application directly to IRS.

Our company continues to support the client with all follow-up inquiries from the IRS.

Clients ordering our 501c3 tax exempt services have access to a variety of web tools, sample narratives, worksheets, and key questions to help you provide us with information regarding your business. Please note: This is your organization, and therefore your ideas, strategies, goals, etc. are self defined. The service representative assigned to you will assist with our web tools and will review the required supplemental documentation, (articles, bylaws & financials) to ensure they meet IRS guidelines. After reviewing your documents, we reserve the right to notify you that your application has inconsistencies or obstacles that may jeopardize IRS approval. You may chose to modify the plan, withdraw with a partial refund, or continue the application process without guarantee of approval.

If you have purchased additional services (Bylaws, Financials, Incorporation), these will be prepared and emailed to you for approval. Upon completion, we will mail your completed package via U.S. Mail. We do not, however, provide consulting services as part of our standard 501 services and our representatives are not trained in business development for every nonprofit organization. The service representative cannot develop ideas or goals for you, and any opinion is strictly voluntary and personal and not part of our service.

We are not a business consulting company and because our fees are very affordable our 501 preparation services are limited to approximately 4 hours (1 hour initial consultation on web tools, services, questions etc., 2 1/2 hours of research and preparing documentation, 1/2 hour of revision, printing, packaging, and mailing the 501c3 & attachments. Our staff is experienced in the 501c3 process and we will support you with any questions from the IRS. However, due to our low price point we are limited to the time and services described above. If you require any additional revisions, participation in conference calls, or line by line discussion of the package we will be happy to provide this service at our low hourly charge of $50 an hour paid in advance.

BizCentral USA only bills our clients our fee to perform the service selected, all state and IRS fees are the responsibility of the client.