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501c3 Programs Sample

ABC Organization, Inc. REACH (Reaching, Encouraging and Creating Hope) has been organized to shelter, feed and educate people and children to achieve a permanent change in their lives that enables them to be self-sufficient, productive members of society.

ABC Organization operates the REACH thrift store and food/clothing pantry where items such as clothes, furniture, and house wares are sold to the public, and donations of food and clothing are given away to food and clothing pantry participants. The items for sale at the organization’s thrift shop are acquired on a donation-only basis, as are all items that are given away to food and clothing pantry participants. The organization retains items that are gently used and in saleable condition for the thrift shop; discards any torn or damaged items; and the rest of the items are given away through the food and clothing pantry program. The organization has been operating the food and clothing pantry and thrift store since late September of 2009, servicing an initial number of five families a week. The organization has seen tremendous need in this area, and has grown accordingly, currently providing 50 families a week with food and clothing assistance.

Families are referred to the organization for food and clothing assistance by local hospitals, businesses, churches or by families who are currently receiving this assistance from the organization. Program recipients need to provide the organization with basic information such as name, address, contact information, basic household information, referral information, employment status, as well as identification. The organization does not require pay stubs or any other form of income verification in order to receive food and clothing assistance. The organization also provides clothing assistance to anyone who is in need of it; whether they desire to participate in the organization’s food and clothing pantry, or in the case of transients and homeless, in need of clean clothing. ABC Organization maintains records of all assistance that is provided to program participants, requiring program recipients to sign in and note every time they receive food or clothing assistance.

ABC Organization also reaches out to the transient and homeless population in the local area by providing them with food, warm clothing, and blankets during the winter months. The organization also services the homeless on a daily basis, providing those who drop by the facility with a light meal (soup, hot dogs, etc.) whenever possible.

As their scope and mission expands, the organization foresees expanding to provide emergency shelter for abandoned, abused or neglected children during the third quarter of 2010. ABC Organization would provide these children with shelter, food and clothing while temporary or long-term arrangements are made for them. The organization will seek to become a service provider for the Florida Department of Children and Families, local hospitals, county and city governments, as well as law enforcement agencies to receive referrals for this program. To ensure these children receive the individualized attention they need, the organization would like to provide these services to a maximum of 12 children at a time within the first two to three years of operations.

ABC’s President and Executive Director, John Smith and Treasurer and Financial Director, Jane Doe, will devote their efforts on a full-time basis to the management and operation of the organization. The organization will also employ two part-time staff members to help operate the thrift store; these employees will receive $300 a week in compensation. To provide emergency shelter staff, the organization will employ three married couples (six employees in total) who will receive a joint salary of $15,000 a year, as well as room and board, which will be considered additional compensation of $15,000 a year. The organization will also rely on the efforts of volunteers who will assist the organization as needed.

The organization will be funded primarily by private foundation and government grants, as well as contributions from local businesses, churches and other charitable organizations. The organization will also receive funding from donated items resold at the organization’s thrift shop, as well as various fundraisers, such as charity dinners and banquets, silent auctions of items donated to the organization, community outreach fairs, etc.