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501c3 Phone Interview Agenda

When does your fiscal year end?

What address will you be using for the business address?

Are there any other board members not listed on the questionnaire?

Are any of the board members related? How?

Do you have any membership who is not on the board who has any voting rights?

If so, what are the eligibility requirements and is there any fee associated with membership?

What are the programs you will be offering? Please give specifics. Describe the Who, What, When, Where, and How for each planned activity.

How will you make people aware of your organization and its programs?

How will you fund your programs? Will your organization solicit donations?

Do you plan to do any gaming or raffles?

Will the organization purchase any goods or services from members of the board?

Who will be the registered agent?

What is their social security number?

Will you have a paid staff? If so, please describe who, for what positions, and how much.

What specific expenses will the organization incur in operating?