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501c3 Checklist

Below is a full list of the documents that need to be filed with the Internal Revenue Service in order to process your 501c3 application. Depending on the services you selected, many of these documents will have been prepared by your service consultant.

  1. Full set of current Articles of Incorporation, if incorporated, including any amendments with state certification of filing.
  2. Bylaws and/or any other rules of operation, including any and All amendments.
  3. Mission Statement
  4. Explanation of Services
  5. List each Officer, Director, and Trustee (include a biography for all and a job description for any individual receiving compensation)
  6. List the 5 highest paid employees or contractors(over $50,000).
  7. Brochures, Ads, Fliers, or copies or any other form of advertising for functions.
  8. Add a description of the activities each copy advertises.
  9. Fundraising
  10. Description of activities for the purpose of fundraising, either past or planned.
  11. List each State and local jurisdiction where fundraising is held, either for yourself, or you raise for others, or others raise for you.
  12. Detailed financial data
  13. Has the organization been in existence five or more years?
  14. If Yes, attach the financial statements for the last five years.
  15. If No, attach financial statements for each year completed, and forward projections, to include four total years.
  16. If you’re a start-up, attach a three year projection of all expense details by line item, along with planned income sources. Include as much detail as possible regarding the activities that provide the sources of revenue.
  17. EIN Number
  18. Conflict of Interest Policy