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Reputation Management

In a digital-first world, it’s important to have a good online reputation. Most businesses have a website and/or social media. A simple Google search is all it takes to learn a business’ past performance, as well as reputation with employees and the community. A few bad reviews or complaints can greatly hinder your business prospects. That’s where reputation management comes into play.

What is Reputation Management?

Online reputation management is everything about you or your business that shows up online. This includes websites, blog posts, social media, and images.

To make it easy to understand, it’s anything about you that appears in Google search results. If negative links show up, it is important to push them off the first page. A good reputation shows that you are an expert in your field, and this translates into getting more business, resulting in more site traffic and more sales. A bad link could mean the loss of clients and prospects.

The best way to offset negative comments is to write good information to suppress any derogatory comments or posts.  You must flood the web with great and original content, and that should eventually push the negative links off the first page of Google searches.  

What should you do if something negative shows up?

You probably will be angry, upset, and want to retaliate by writing something negative yourself. Don’t: it will make things worse. Instead, come up with a strategy.  

Start by asking this question: Is the issue warranted? If so, address it, and professionally write back to the author–perhaps, but it could just fan the flames even more.  

Most importantly, work on writing good content, and be very active on social media. These factors will all eventually push the negative information down off the first page of Google. This is where BizCentral USA can help. Our experts are trained in online reputation management and can help ease the effects of negative comments or issues online.

What are practical ways someone can improve their reputation?

The best thing to do is to create a blog and start writing. Spread the word by writing information that your clients or readers want to know about, such as recent developments in your industry, developments at conferences or frequently asked questions.

Also, get active on social media. Beef up and post frequently on platforms such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest–a great site based on images–and maybe others, specific to your industry.

Once something is online, is it there forever?

Basically, yes. It is usually impossible to remove once it’s on the web, but you should always try. Because about 92% of people don’t go beyond the first page, however, pushing the negative information off the first, second or third page effectively makes it disappear.

How long does the process take?

This usually is a long-term process, taking an average of about six months. Google is constantly changing their algorithms, and there is no magic button–it’s just hard work.

How Can We Repair Your Online Reputation?

Some people with ample time on their hands may choose to carry out this long-term process on their own. Fortunately, there are other options out there. The experts at BizCentral USA can take this task off your hands while you focus on other important aspects of the business. Services of reputation management include:

  • Draft and circulate press releases that directly address negative or false sentiments. We will make sure to utilize the specific negative keywords used in the negative brand content.
  • Create positive educational content related to the negative brand keywords. Your content doesn’t have to be an article. We can create ebooks, blogs, guides, infographics, and more, as needed.
  • Start a positive review campaign if negative reviews are causing reputational problems. This can take the form of contests, incentives, point-of-service requests, etc.
  • Edit your website’s media page to include references and links to your positive brand content counteroffensive for those negative brand keyword results.

Having a good online reputation is critical to the success of the business!

Contact us today to speak to our consultants or learn more about our reputation management services.