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Payroll Services

Small Business Payroll Services

A small business payroll is one of those details that can often slip your mind as you embark on your new business. It’s an essential detail, however. You need payroll services to ensure that your employees, vendors, and other associates get paid on time.

As the business owner, it’s your responsibility to make sure the trains run on time, in terms of payroll and general accounting. One of your major responsibilities is to ensure that you’re overseeing every aspect of the company that you’ve created. For new business owners, the finer minutiae can be somewhat challenging to handle. Allow BizCentral to step in to offer the best small business payroll services that you’ll find anywhere.

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Our Payroll Services Can Save You Time & Money

Outsourcing Your Payroll Department

Taking care of payroll for small businesses involves more than paying out to employees and suppliers. You have to maintain detailed records to follow your spending, not to mention the need to calculate the taxes for your business so that you aren’t surprised by fines after tax time.

Handing the responsibility over to BizCentral USA not only takes the burden off of your shoulders, but also gives you peace of mind. Through our partnership with ADP, a payroll provider, we can take give you the best small business payroll services. We can even serve as your HR department if necessary.

Payment Methods

Instead of worrying about the day-to-day tasks involving payouts and balancing accounts, you can focus on building your brand and promoting your business.

Let us be the point of contact for your small business payroll. We’ll take over to make sure that everyone gets paid on time and all your ducks are in a row. Call to arrange a consultation with BizCentral USA today.

Payroll and Payroll Tax Services

Processing payroll, filing taxes, and maintaining compliance are a breeze with the ADP®’ RUN services.

  • Payroll backed by live 24/7 support*
  • Worry-free tax filing
  • On-the-go mobile access
  • Simple time and attendance tracking tools
  • ADP's Pay-by-Pay® Premium Payment Program**

Hiring & Human Resources

Recruit, manage, and take care of your employees with tools that help with hiring, HR, and retirement plan services.

  • Employee Handbook Wizard
  • 24-hour access to HR tools, including standard HR forms
  • Simple hiring tools and resources
  • HR compliance support through our HR Help Desk
  • Retirement services*** and benefits

For a personalized demonstration of how ADP’s employee solutions can help your business, please call us at 877-857-9002 and we will work with our dedicated ADP® representative to provide you a demonstration, discuss pricing options and get your company enrolled.

Key Features available are:

  • Payroll
  • Payroll Tax filing
  • Paperless payroll statements
  • New Hire Reporting
  • Online access for employees
  • Employee Onboarding Assistance
  • RUN Powered by ADP mobile App
  • Pay Options (choice of):
  • TotalPay
  • FSDD
  • Check Signing/Stuffing
  • Compliance Posters for the workplace
  • General Ledger Interface
  • Garnish Payment Services
  • SUI

HR Features available are:

  • State & Federal Resources
  • HR Checkups
  • Tip of the week
  • Quarterly HR Newsletter
  • Human Resources Dictionary
  • Human Resources Help Desk
  • Document Vault
  • 25 Background checks per year.
  • Employee Handbook Wizard
  • Free access to Zip recruiter for job postings
  • Job Description Wizard
  • Advanced Human Resources Toolkit
  • Human Resources Tracking (Includes performance, education and others)
  • HR Forms and documents
  • HR Compliance Updates and Training

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