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Online Marketing Musts – Part Two

In our last post, Online Marketing Musts – Part One we mentioned that online marketing is essential to any small business and described three main internet marketing strategies:

• Content Creation
• Social Media Engagement

In today’s post we will discuss

Online Marketing Must #2 – Content Creation

Content marketing has become a somewhat of a trending topic. You hear it over and over again; content is king. And the reason is that –without content – there is no online marketing strategy.

Optimizing your website is an important element of your online marketing strategy; however it is fruitless if you have no content to rank. Over the years search engines have grown smarter, years ago keyword stuffing was enough, now a days your SEO strategy must have the content to back it up!

By creating high quality valuable content, you will not only attract visitors to your site, but the right kind of visitor. The one that is actually interested in the information you’re providing and will most likely become a customer.

Additionally, creating great content allows you to position yourself as an industry expert; and the hope is, that as an expert, other sites will come to you for information, providing you with valuable inbound links that will improve your SEO.

So how do you create and distribute valuable content to fuel your online marketing strategy?

Blogging of course! Blogging is an essential part of your SEO and online marketing strategy. A blog will make your website dynamic by adding new and fresh content frequently. Search engines reward websites that continuously post new content. Additionally, a blog will allow others the opportunity to link to and reference your content.

The goal of your blog is to publish valuable content; it is an opportunity to present yourself and your business as an industry expert. It is not designed to create promotional posts or 600 words sales pitches, but to provide your reader with added value, educating and informing them about how to face common industry issues, addressing frequently asked questions or providing them with insight or solutions on a complicated topic. It is up to you to determine the topics your potential readers would be interested in.

Some tips to keep in mind when writing a blog:

  • Appealing Title: this is the first thing your reader will see, ensure your blog’s title is compelling and interesting. Also ensure it clearly indicates what the post is about.
  • Well written: ensure your post is easy to read, don’t overwhelm the reader with text, instead ensure you divide the article into sections, and include images and headers to provide the post with a structure that is easy to follow. Use words your reader will understand and avoid technical jargon only masters on the topic would understand
  • Links: include links to relevant content; allowing readers to find more in-dept information should they be interested. Use these links to point to your inner pages as well.
  • Include a clear CTA: always, always include a clear call to action (CTA). Subscribe to our newsletter, download, and register. Ensure you have a way to capture these leads.

Once you’ve determined your topics and created well written, valuable content, the next challenge you will face will be attracting readers. And what better way to attract readers that using social media?

Social engagement is key to a successful online marketing strategy and in our next post we will describe how to integrate social media successfully in your internet marketing efforts and how to use it to combine efforts with your SEO and content marketing strategy for best results.

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