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Using Marketing Materials To Attract Investors And Community Support

Brand you business with unified graphic design

You have successfully followed through on your commitment to establishing a for-profit organization. Your organization has obtained its incorporation and created a website to establish an online presence and generate interest in your services. So what is the next step in growing your for-profit organization? There is an extremely vital component of business development that all for-profit organizations should consider prior to requesting funding or seeking to grow its consumer-base.

Every for-profit organization should understand the value of creating professional looking marketing materials when establishing their brand in the public eye.

A majority of small for-profit organizations are under the impression that graphic design begins and ends with logo design. However, business cards, stationary, tri-fold brochures, flyers, print and online ads, wall banners, trade show banners, signage, popup banners and more make up popular graphic design products that will greatly benefit your for-profit organization.

Consider applying for a loan as an example of the power of graphic design. The first thing that perspective investors are going to see is your letterhead. Is it professional looking? Does your logo clearly represent your mission and the target demographic that you serve? Consider the Coke-a-Cola symbol or the Nike check-sign. When individuals see their logos on printed material, they immediately know who the organization is and the products it provides. Your administrators will want to ensure that your materials clearly state your mission and are distinguishable from other organizations. A logo that includes two shaking hands is used by thousands of for-profit organizations and will not differentiate you from the others.

Also consider the impression that your representatives make when they are interacting with community members at events and outreach services. Do your directors have business cards that they can leave with community partners that would like to set up a meeting at a later date? Do you have banners or signage to attract visitors at community events? Do you have brochures to distribute to individuals that further educate the public on the company and empower them to learn more? If done correctly and consistently by your marketing manager, marketing material will assist your organization in become visible and effective in your local area and beyond. If your organization is lacking in the quality of design for attention, it may be time to undergo a rebranding effort and develop a rebranding strategy checklist.

If you are looking for creative ways to market your business without depleting you limited resources, here are some examples to get you started:

Printed Material (for-profit business cards, logos, brochures, flyers, etc.) Small for-profit organizations have relied on this relatively inexpensive method of conveying marketing information for decades. Keep in mind when purchasing these items that you want your print material to stand out. You want people to remember who you are because of an attractive design that really catches their attention and clearly states the types of services that your offer.

Signs – Don’t forget about “signage.” Signs work best if they’re bold, professionally done, and consistent with your for-profit values. Keep in mind that they should be easy to read and tell the viewer your message quickly.

Ready to move forward in developing your graphic design?

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