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Cost-effective Marketing Plan Resources to Generate Leads

As the owner, do you feel like you’re constantly up against competition with large budgets for a solid traditional marketing strategy? Are you constantly losing against the big dogs with deep pockets in the battle of lead generation? It may be time to perk up your marketing plan.

Last month, we touched based on the important elements that make up a marketing plan. This time, we’d like to highlight some examples of strategies you can incorporate into your strategy on a shoestring budget. You may recognize that it is time to change your  plan, but you’re running out of time…and money.

The good news is you can use numerous resources to generate organic growth without breaking the bank. The diagram below provides great examples of the many channels inbound marketing contain to grow your business. But what good are these channels if you don’t have a strategy. Incorporate these marketing channels into your marketing plan in addition to your outbound marketing strategies.

The key behind an effective economical  strategy to market small business is to create and deliver valuable content

But who has the time for that? You can hire and/or assign someone internally to handle your marketing, but there is a large chance that they are not on the same page as you are. Your objective is to grow your business, while theirs may be to just earn a paycheck for the week.

The Outline of Marketing Plan will include defining your target market, your company’s position within the market, your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats, you’ll find here’s where your  plan supplies another great advantage to your business. Use your plan to keep your employees aligned with the company’s marketing efforts. Encourage them to think on a corporate level by integrating the culture into your workforce as operational training. Your plan is your road-map to success.

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