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Category: Fundraising


Small business fundraising is a tried-and-tested way to finance your business, raise the funds for a new idea, or increase your cash flow in times of need. There are dozens, if not hundreds, of ways to fundraise. There are just as many small business fundraising ideas that may be of use to you.

Learn more about the fundraising opportunities you can use to benefit your business. BizCentral has an entire blog category devoted to different types of fundraising options, including modern approaches.

Old-Fashioned Fundraising

The time-tested methods of small business fundraising will always be valuable. You might be a small business hosting a bake sale at your storefront. If you’re looking to pull in big money for general business development or a specific idea, then you might host a plated dinner, a silent auction, or a sporting event. Think about getting a well-known guest to appear at your fundraising event. It helps to plan something that’s somehow relevant to your business, as well.


Internet Fundraising

Today’s small business fundraising ideas have evolved. Any idea you have can be transformed into an occasion for fundraising.

A growing number of entrepreneurs and start-up owners have turned to crowdfunding to finance their ideas. It’s something that works for any type of business or business idea. Moreover, individual donors don’t have to pony up hundreds or thousands of dollars, which is what’s expected with some traditional fundraising ideas. Instead, you can get a lot of people donating a little bit of money each.


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