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Build a Small Business Website That Generates Leads

As a small business owner, it is critical you develop a strategy that will generate leads. You must attract potential clients and nurture them up to the point of sale. A website is a critical part of any lead generation strategy, and it is important to keep in mind the following:

A small business website is a marketing tool; you use it to promote your products and services, create awareness, provide potential clients with valuable information and to position yourself (or your company) as an industry leader and expert.

At the same time, your small business website is a sales tool, designed to attract potential customers and generate clients. For this reason, a professional web design, user-friendly experience, and quality web design are critical.

9 Web development tips to generate leads

1. Include Contact Information: Make sure your phone number or contact information on your small business website. Providing potential clients with a phone number, address or contact emails increases trust and credibility. It also makes it easier for clients to contact you with any questions or information requests.

2. Include Testimonials: testimonials Are a great way to increase trust, potential customers will feel more security in your product or service when they see positive feedback from previous clients, especially if they include a picture!

3. Use Trust Seals: Using trust seals or badges tend to increase lead generation as they provide potential customers with reassurance when it comes to your product or service.

4. Include Registration Forms: In order to have a true lead generating website you must have registration forms on every page. Make it easy for potential clients to register or request information. Additionally, keep it simple! Don’t ask for too much information as users are more likely to register if they do not have to give out too much information on the first step.

5. Newsletter Sign Up: Offering potential clients to sign up for a newsletter is a great way to generate potential clients(ensure you have explicit permission to email individuals), and it allows you an opportunity to send out communications regarding new products, services, and offers.

6 Include Clear CTAs: Calls to action are a critical part of building a small business website that attains leads, also as great tip is to ensure they link to dedicated landing pages. Redeem offer, Download now, Get Started are all strong CTAs that tell the visitor exactly what the next action should be.

7. Dedicated Landing Pages: ensure each call to action on your site leads to a dedicated landing page.

8. Offer a Freebie: Offer readers a downloadable guide, whitepaper or ebook. This will allow you to obtain user registrations (leads) and also provide readers with valuable content.

9. Use A-B Testing: a critical part in creating a lead generating website is testing. You must find what works best with your audience.

When it comes to a website, professional web design is key. Ensure you include both valuable content and a lead generating strategy. It is important to provide visitors with a user-friendly experience, quality design, and good information.

At BizCentral USA we have over 10 years of experience in web development. We know what it takes to build a lead generating a small business website. For more information on our web development services, call us today at 407 587 9002

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