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5 Ways to Add Sparks to Your Small Business Website

A small business website is a vital part of any business, but having an engaging website will differentiate a small business from a successful small business.  An engaging website can give your company the ability to better interact with your prospects, current customers, and interested consumers. When you build a small business website, keep in mind the success of it will depend on the elements you include.

Here are 5 Elements Every Small Business Website Should Include

Company Blog

You can post tons of information on your company′s mission, event recaps, promotions, and much more. In addition, you can provide your visitors some valuable information related to the products and services you sell; something all potential customers favor in a company. The bonus is that the frequently-updated content helps your small business website search engine rankings.


E-commerce is an easy way to let consumers make a purchase at their convenience. You can sell products and services in an online store that never closes! Just be sure to build a secure marketplace, so your online customers can trust making purchases from you.

Social Media Feed

Display the latest conversations from your company’s Twitter or Facebook accounts directly on your website. Use this feature to get potential customers engaged quickly, and to get them to follow you on social media, where they will be exposed to your company’s messages on a daily or weekly basis.

Live Chat

You can use live chat to interact with people strolling around on your small business website. Live chat is an excellent way to engage potential customers, answer their questions, and possibly make a sale.

Streaming Video or Podcasts

Add a sales video, a demo of complex service, a new product announcement, or an interview with a satisfied customer to your website. These are great tactics when matching a face to your company.

There are always new and exciting methods to improve your small business website. To gain the respect of your readers, it is important that you stand out as an informative, credible, and personable source for your industry. With over a hundred million websites available today, you want yours to be the most compelling among the competition.

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