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Business Plan Testimonials

Our affordable pricing and years of experience make us the best
choice when it comes to business plan writing.

“The Business Plan Draft it looks great. Thank you. I know it will stand out from others and I know it will be the best one. I will make sure I let them know BizCentral USA and Jennifer Nelson helped me with this project.”
Ileana Lopez
“Jennifer, I want to congratulate you and thank you for writing such a good job with the Business Plan. It far exceeds what I was expecting and if I do not get the loan, it will not be due to the plan you put together..”
James Cutler
“Thank you Jennifer. You have been very helpful and easy to work with. My partner and I are impressed with the work you have done with the business proposal.”
Joshua Lea
"I have worked with Jennifer on three business plans, all of which the work was exceptional and well prepared. The work involved a great deal of research and fact gathering to present an accurate portrayal of the complex nature of the business that was being described. The service and the communication with Jennifer and BizCentral was always the best quality that can be obtained in the world of business today. We are grateful for finding BizCentral, and having the chance to work with Jennifer. Her skills at grasping the concept and then helping draft the idea into a a format that is both professional and easy to read is the mark of a great ability to communicate a point to individuals as well as groups. I would highly recommend the work of BizCentral, and the very professional way in which their people respond to the needs of the business seeking guidance and advice."
J. Dean Burden
“I personally want to thank Jennifer Nelson for her knowledgeable and informative input throughout this process. She has been available to foresee areas of strengths and weaknesses….thank you! You allowed me to stay in “my lane” of expertise-speech pathology and child development-while you did an awesome job in “your lane”!! Thanks again.”
Dr. Andrea Walbrook
“Thank you Jennifer Nelson! Everything looks great and I’m ready for “send off.” Also I like to thank you for your caring, courteous personality towards me and my business plan. Even though you don’t have children you gave very good advice and input into my plan. I really appreciate how you answered all my questions with no frustrations and answered my callbacks in a matter of minutes. VERY PROFESSIONAL. It was a pleasure working with you and I hope to do business in the future with you.”
Winta Brown
“Dear Ms. Nelson:Thank you very much for all your hard work. It was an absolute pleasure to work with you and BizCentral USA. I look forward to working with you and sending business to the company in the near future.Take care and God bless. I wish the company continued success.”
Mr. Abdul R. Lilburd