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4 Goals of a Successful Branding Strategy For Your Small Business

Strong branding is necessary for start-ups, small businesses, large businesses and everything in between! As a small business owner you should know how important an impressionable brand identity is to the success of your company. (Click here Small Business Branding and Graphic Ideas to Get You Noticed)

Small businesses have become an integral part of the U.S., representing over 99.7 percent of all employer firms (SBA Office of Advocacy). So, shouldn’t your identity represent those large numbers? The answer is yes, most definitely!

4 goals to consider when envisioning the branding strategy of your organization.

1) Your brand relays a clear and precise message directed at a defined buyer persona.

Your brand is the overall image and perception of your product or service in the eyes of your customers, in comparison to other products in your market. Therefore, it is essential to research your target market and the buyer’s persona when developing your identity and its usage.

What are their likes, dislikes, age, feelings, beliefs, interests and how will they benefit from your product? Does your branding clearly define your intended messaging and is it appropriate for your audience?

2) Your brand establishes a unique presence among your target market.

It identifies your company as THE product for your customer’s needs or solution to their problem. It is what will separate you from the sea of competition that you are entering (the 99.7 percent of employer firms in the U.S.).  So it makes sense that a quality brand requires much thought, research and integrity.

What does branding mean to your small business? How do you utilize the elements of your brand? Are you consistent, honest, clear and memorable with your efforts?

3) Your brand leaves a lasting impression in the minds of your buyers.

Branding is not about competing with your competition for the flashiest logo design or website. It is, however, about engraving your company’s tagline, website, logo, beliefs, and credibility into the minds of current and potential buyers.

You must be consistent with use of your logo, tagline, and materials and what you say about your small business. You will only be able to establish a strong brand identity by designing impressionable elements (both verbal and visual) and then repeating those elements through all outlets (i.e. website, stationary, marketing materials, advertising, PR, etc.).

4) Your brand gives a message of loyalty and credibility about business.

Remember “honesty is the best policy.” Current and potential clients will see right through false promises and advertisements. You want to be sure you can commit to all promises and beliefs that your brand promotes. Your current and potential clients will respect your honesty, and look to your company as a brand they can stand by and trust.

There is nothing that looks less professional than not having a professional identity. If you do not establish a clean, high-quality, and consistent look and feel to your materials, you will have a much more difficult time gaining the trust of potential clients — and signing them on to use your services. If you want to be perceived as offering a high-caliber service, you have to look polished and “put together.”

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