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3 Must Do’s in Your Social Media Marketing

Do you have the right social media strategy to grow your organization? Are you trying to use Social Media marketing  like you used the old medium of advertising, mainly to talk to your audience? To be successful with a social media strategy, you must involve your audience and talk with them, not to them.

Here Are 3 Big Mistakes Made Before Learning How to be Successful in Social Media Marketing Strategies

1) Develop a strategy around how to work with your entire online network.
Having a social media marketing strategy goes a long way, and integrating that plan into an overall internet marketing plan is essential to success in your online marketing. You may want to include some or all of the following in your plan:

a) The number of times of the day or the week you will update the different Social Media channels. Some may be each day, others may be once a month, but make a schedule and stick to it!

b) Decide what kind of followers you want in each channel. Do you want quantity or quality? There are arguments for each and it depends on your mission, all a function of good planning.

c) It is important to set a realistic goal for the number of respondents to your marketing activities that are converted to your website and then to action. It is important to plan benchmarks to measure results.

2) Don’t forget about others; Social Media Marketing is not just about you.
If you only promote yourself without giving value back on Twitter and Facebook, you will lose followers fast! Sites like Twitter and Pinterest where your followers are not your real-life friends but thousands of people interested in what you have to say as promised by your intro are looking for additional content. Facebook and LinkedIn may be more forgiving through your business pages, but not as forgiving as you may think if all you do is advertise and self promote.

Limit self-promotional posts to twice per week, and divide the remainder of your content between engaging updates free from links, relevant links your readers will enjoy, and (polite and friendly) replies to other users. By following a structured plan like this, and staying on that plan, you may find you have more friends that like you instead of just fans that “Like” you.

 3) Update. Update. Update.
Social media management is crucial, when you don’t update on a Social Media site, it is probably the worst offense of all. It says you don’t care, and amounts to doing absolutely nothing! Even if you make some of the mistakes above, at least you have a presence; at least you can learn from your mistakes as you go along. In order to make any progress at all, you must stick to the schedule we discussed above. Whether it’s a daily Tweet, a weekly LinkedIn update or a monthly blog or video update, stay on plan!

You may want to post more and in some cases where the followers are growing very fast, you may want to post hourly. We all want that problem! A good social media manager can help you decide on a good strategy for the frequency of your updates. ( Click here to read “Key Elements of an Effective Blog” )

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